Going through trails and tribulations

We all go through trials and tribulations in this life. Speaking from a Christian perspective, we all have something in common as Christians, we have God with us during the hard time we’re facing. Things might truck us, but God wouldn’t let it destroy us completely.  I’ve been through tribulations, only to come out of it stronger, my faith increased, Good things came out of it and feeling great joy knowing that after those hard times, Jesus never failed me and was beside me through it all. Jesus has shown me his power and mercy once again. Which makes me rejoice in the Lord because he is Good.  One thing I've learned when experiences trials and tribulations, it only lasts for a certain period. well in my case it lasted for a year. I had been attacked by witchcraft. which was the second time it had occurred in my life.
It began in 2018. My son was attending school who was in grade prep, at the end of the year around July I started to get attacks in my mind.  Which now I know it was wi…

Free from witchcraft

Victim of witchcraft- Jesus set me free.

A brief background; I was dedicated to the Lord when I was a baby. Brought up in a Christian household.  I attended church regularly, by the age of sixteen I stopped attending. I believed in God but didn’t know him personally, (or had a relationship with him).


When I was sixteen, I met a Muslim boy in 2010, began a relationship. Soon after I fell pregnant. He moved into my family house, His family did not approve of me nor liked me, they had come to my house to try to get my partner to leave me and force him back home. His family would make shows that the Police had to get involved because his mother and brother had refused to leave. At the end of this argument, My partner and I did not care about anyone’s approving then decided soon after to move out a week after. Both of us were living with our son in our new house, our son was five months old. During this time in may 2013, his mother had got in contact with us again and had accepted…